World Darts Championships 2018

PDC World Darts Champions - The Magnificant Seven

PDC Darts William Hill, World Darts Championships 14th December 2017 - 1st January 2018 Sky Sports

PDC William Hill World Darts Championships 2018 first round draw has been made and the details are listed below.

In the 24 previous PDC World Darts events, there have only been seven winners of the title. Dennis Priestley won the first event in 1994 beating the legendary Phil Taylor 6-1. Then came the dominance of the Power winning the next eight before again being beaten in the 203 final by Canadian, John Part. Phil then won the next three before facing the Raymond van Barneveld in 2007 final.

Barny had moved to the PDC, in his words to play the best players in the World and in particular to play one man, Phil Taylor. The 2007 has gone down in history as one of the best-televised darts matches ever. At six set all the seventh went to a sudden-death leg. Both players had to again bull off. Phil hit the outer-bullseye, Raymond opted for Phil’s dart to be left in the board which allowed him the to use the dart to hit the centre bull. Raymond triumphed in the last leg decider and since then the PDC has now changed the rules for the bulling up procedure.

John Part won again in 2008, Phil took the 2009 and 2010 tiles before Phil’s prodigy, Adrian Lewis storm onto the scene winning back to back World Tiles in 2011 and 2012. Phil Taylor again was not of the scene he won again in 2013 beating the young Michael van Gerwen in the final. Michael went one better in 2014 and won the title for the first time.

Scotland’s Gary Anderson was in the driving set for the next two years winning the 2015 and 2016 titles but it was the young Dutchman. Michael van Gerwen, who asserted himself in 2017 and won the World Title for a second time 2017.

Michael is the current PDC No.1 is again favourite to retain and win his third title at the Ally Pally on 1st January 2018

BDO Darts Lakeside, World Professional Darts Championships 6th - 14th January 2018 Channel 4 BT Sport

BDO Lakeside World Darts Championships 2018 players line up has now been confirmed and tickets for this event can be purchased directly from the Lakeside complex. Again, the players draw, schedule of play and other useful tournament information will be made available as and when the draw is made.

PDC Darts William Hill, World Darts Championships 2018 Schedule of Play

14th December 2017 - 1st January 2018

Sky Sports

Players First Round Draw

Schedule of Play First Round / Preliminary Matches

(P) Preliminary Round - Best of Three Sets. First Round Best of Five Sets

(No.) Competition Player Seed

Thursday December 14 (7pm - 11pm)

(25) Steve Beaton v William O'Connor
(32) James Wilson v Krzystof Ratajski
(1) Michael van Gerwen v Christian Kist
(16) Gerwyn Price v Ted Evetts

Friday December 15 (7pm - 11pm)

Seigo Asada / Gordon Mathers (P)
(21) Stephen Bunting v Dimitri Van den Bergh
(6) Phil Taylor v Chris Dobey
(20) Rob Cross v Asada / Mathers

Saturday December 16 (12.30pm - 4.30pm)

Alan Ljubic / Brendon Dolan Dolan (P)
(14) Benito van de Pas v Steve West
(22) Mervyn King v Zoran Lerchbacher
(28) Robert Thornton v Ljubic / Dolan

Saturday December 16 (7pm - 11pm)

Jeff Smith / Luke Humphries (P)
(19) Joe Cullen v Jermaine Wattimena
(12) Jelle Klaasen v Jan Dekker
(3) Gary Anderson v Smith / Humphries

Sunday December 17 (12.30pm - 4.30pm)

Kenny Neyens / Jamie Lewis (P)
(15) Alan Norris v Kim Viljanen
(24) Kyle Anderson v Peter Jacques
(31) Jonny Clayton v Neyens / J Lewis

Sunday December 17 (7pm - 11pm)

Willard Bruguier / Cody Harris (P)
(11) James Wade v Keegan Brown
(8) Dave Chisnall v Vincent van der Voort
(17) Ian White v Bruguier / Harris

Monday December 18 (7pm - 11pm)

Kai Fan Leung / Paul Lim (P)
(5) Mensur Suljovic v Kevin Painter
(4) Daryl Gurney v Ronny Huybrechts
(30) Mark Webster v Fan Leung / Lim

Tuesday December 19 (7pm - 11pm)

Aleksandr Oreshkin / Kevin Munch (P)
(29) John Henderson v Marko Kantele
(9) Raymond van Barneveld v Richard North
(7) Adrian Lewis v Oreshkin / Munch

Wednesday December 20 (7pm - 11pm)

Xiao Chen Zong / Bernie Smith (P)
(13) Michael Smith v Steve Lennon
(10) Simon Whitlock v Martin Schindler
(27) Justin Pipe v Chen Zong / Smith (P)

Thursday December 21 (7pm - 11pm)

(26) Cristo Reyes v Antonio Alcinas
(18) Kim Huybrechts v James Richardson
(23) Darren Webster v Devon Petersen
(2) Peter Wright v Diogo Portela

* Although I will try and keep this detail current the schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Please therefore refer to the main website or Sky Sports Darts for the latest information.

Schedule of Play Second Round

Second / Third Round Best of Seven Sets

Friday December 22 (12.30pm - 4.30pm)

Price/Evetts v White/Bruguier/Harris
Chisnall/Van der Voort v Beaton/O'Connor
Klaasen/Dekker v Bunting/Van den Bergh

Friday December 22 (7pm - 11pm)

Suljovic/Painter v Thornton/Ljubic/Dolan
G Anderson/J Smith/Humphries v M Webster/Leung/Lim
Van Gerwen/Kist v Wilson/Ratajski

Saturday December 23 (1pm - 5pm)

Wade/Brown v King/Lerchbacher
M Smith/Lennon v Cross/Asada/Mathers
Van de Pas/West v Cullen/Wattimena


Saturday December 23 (7pm - 11pm)

Gurney/R Huybrechts v Henderson/Kantele
Taylor/Dobey v Pipe/Zong/Smith
Van Barneveld/North v K Anderson/Jacques

Wednesday December 27 (12.30pm - 4.30pm)

Whitlock/Schindler v D Webster/Petersen
Norris/Viljanen v K Huybrechts/Richardson
A Lewis/Oreshkin/Munch v Reyes/Alcinas

Wednesday December 27 (7pm - 11pm)

Wright/Portela v Clayton/Neyens/J Lewis
Third Round Match TBC
Third Round Match TBC

BDO Darts Lakeside World Darts Championships 2018

6th - 14th January 2018

Schedule of Play

Preliminary Round (P) and Round One
Television Broadcast: Afternoon Channel 4 | Evening BT Sport

Schedule First Round and Preliminary Rounds (P)

Saturday January 6 (1pm - 5.30pm)

(2) Mark McGeeney  v  Martin Adams
(10) Willem Mandigers  v Nick Kenny
(4) Lisa Ashton  v  Rhian Griffiths
Pengiran Mohamed v Gary Robson (P)

Saturday January 6 (7pm - 10.30pm)

(P) Justin Thompson v Chris Gilliland
(1) Deta Hedman v  Rachna David
Joe Chaney v Danny Noppert (P)
(4) Scott Mitchell v Darius Labanauskas

Sunday January 7 (1pm - 5.30pm)

(1) Glen Durrant v Mohamed / Robson (P)
(P) Umit Uygonsozlu v Chris Harris
(5) Corrine Hammond v Fallon Sherrock
(5) Ross Montgomery v Scott Waites

Sunday January 7 (7pm - 10.30pm)

Dennis Nilsson v Jeffrey Sparidaans (P)
(8) Sharon Prins v Maria O'Brien
Chris Landman v Derk Telnekes (P)
(7) Wesley Harms v Wayne Warren


Monday January 8 (12.30pm - 4.30pm)

David Cameron v Michael Unterbuchner (P)
Craig Caldwell v Daniel Day (P)
(15) James Hurrell v Chaney / Noppert (P)

Monday January 8 (7pm - 10.30pm)

(13) Andy Baetens v Scott Baker
(7) Trina Gulliver MBE v Vicky Pruim
(12) Dean Reynolds v Uygonsozlu / Harris (P)
(16) Darryl Fitton v Thompson / Gilliland (P)

Tuesday January 9 (12.30pm - 4.30pm)

(9) Jim Williams v Nilsson / Sparidaans (P)
(11) Richard Veenstra v Kyle McKinstry
(2) Aileen de Graaf v Paula Jacklin
(6) Geert de Vos v Landman / Telnekes (P)

Tuesday January 9 (7pm - 10.30pm)

(14) Martin Phillips v Caldwell / Day (P)
(6) Anastasia Dobromyslova v Anca Zijlstra
(8) Cameron Menzies v Conan Whitehead
(3) Jamie Hughes v D Cameron / Unterbuchner (P)

Schedule Second Round

Wednesday January 10 (12.30pm - 4.30pm)

Round 2 Match TBC v TBC
(3) Lorraine Winstanley v Tricia Wright (Round 1)
Round 2 Match TBC v TBC


Darts Darts Events 2018

PDC and BDO major events details can be seen below. Full events details are also available to download and print from here.

The 2017-2018 British Inter-County Championships fixtures are also available to view and print from the Darts Events page.

PDC & BDO Tournaments - December 2017, January / February 2018

PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - December 2017

14-1st World Darts Championship              Sky Sports


PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - January 2018

1 World Darts Championship Finals Sky Sports
18-21 PDC Qualifying School (UK)
18-21 PDC Qualifying School (Europe)
26-28 The Masters,Milton Keynes ITV Sport, ITV4
27-28 PDC Unicorn Callenge Tour 1,2,3,4


PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - February 2018

1 Premier League Darts 1, Dublin Sky Sports
2-4 UK Open Qualifiers
8 Premier League Darts 2, Cardiff Sky Sports
9-11 UK Open Qualifiers
15 Premier League Darts 3, Newcastle Sky Sports
16 European Tour 1-2 UK Qual
17-18 Players Championship 1,2
22 Premier League Darts 4, Berlin Sky Sports


BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - December 2017

8-10 Finders Darts Masters  


BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - January 2018

6-14 BDO Lakeside World Championships Channel 4 BT Sport
12-14 Quebec Open, Canada
19-21 Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas
26-28 Romanian Classic  / International
28 Gwynedd Open, Wales


BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - February 2018

2-4 Dutch Open, Netherlands Winmau TV
4 Canterbury Classic, New Zealand
9-11 Camellia Classic 
9-11 Shoot for the Moon,USA
16-18 Scottish Open
16-18 Syracuse Open USA
23-25 Celtic Challenge, NI


TV / Internet Stream TBC Front Runner Sport: Freeview 91 , Sky 468/469 | Winmau TV Live Internet Steam | Live on Demand Live on Demand


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