PDC Darts World Series of Darts

The PDC World Series of Darts continues down-under when it moves to Australia for two further rounds on the 18-20th August Melbourne and then finally to Perth on the 25-27th August.

This event has proved popular with dart fans and players during a traditionally quite time for major dart events. The PDC have decided this year to extend the event even further by adding a further round in Germany in October 20-21 before the final in Scotland on the 3-5th November.

Coverage of this event in the UK is on ITV4 (ITV Sport) and various channels across the rest of the world.

Darts Events 2017

PDC and BDO major events details can be seen below. Full events details are also available to download and print from here. The 2017-2018 British Inter-County Championships fixtures are also available to view and print from the Darts Calendar page

Darts-UK PDC BDO Darts information: Dart Event Fixtures For August & September 2017

PDC BDO Darts information: Details of some of the forthcoming PDC and BDO dart events fixtures are listed below.. Full listings, schedules can be found on the PDC and BDO websites. To download the PDC, BDO, BICC and other dart events please see below. Please not these events are subject to change without prior notice and you are advised to check with the governing dart bodies for the latest information.

2017 PDC and BDO Darts events fixtures are available to view, download and print from here Dart Events 2017 Schedules.



BDO Events

2017 BDO Calendar

2017 BDO (British Darts Organisation) Tournament Calendar

BDO August Events

4-6 USA Classic

5-6 Belgium Open / Masters

9 New Zealand Open

12-13 Antwerp Open / Masters

13 Nottinghamshire Darts Open

18-19 Swedish Classic / Open

20 Scottish Classic

26-27 International French Open


BDO September Events

1 - 3 Vizcaya International Open

8 - 10 England Classic / Masters

9    Catalonia Open

10  FCD Anniversary Open

16  Auckland Open

22  BDO British Open Pairs

23 - 24 North Queensland Classic

23 - 24 BDO British Classic / Open

25 - 27 Winmau World Masters

28 Lakeside World Pro Play-offs

29 - 1st South of England Open

For TV and Internet Stream coverage,
please see the BDO Website

Full listing see the BDO website


County Events

2017/8 BICC Calendar

2017-18 BICC (British Inter County Championships) Fixtures Calendar

BICC - Events: Sept 2017 - April 2018

Premier Division - Events: Sept 2017 - April 2018

Division One - Events: Sept 2017- April 2018

Division Two - Events: Sept 2017 - April 2018

Division Three - Events: Sept 2017 - April 2018

Division Four - Events: Sept 2017 - April 2018

Scotland North - Events: Oct 2017 - March 2018

Scotland South - Events: Oct 2017 - March 2018

2017 - 2018 BICC Events Start in September
The fixtures are now available to view and Print

BICC Darts


PDC Events

2017 PDC Calendar

2017 PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) Tournament Calendar

PDC August Events

5 Players Championship 17 PDC Live TV

6 Players Championship 18 PDC Live TV

11-13 Auckland Masters ITV Sport / ITV4

18-20 Melbourne Masters ITV Sport / ITV4

25-27 Perth Masters ITV Sport / ITV4





PDC September Events

1 - 3 Dutch Masters PDC Live TV

7 European Tour 10 - HN Qual PDC Live TV

8 - 10 German Grand Prix PDC Live TV

9 Challenge Tour 17, 18

10 Challenge Tour 19, 20

16 - 17 Champions League of Darts BBC Sport

16 - 17 Dev Tour 13,14,15,18

21 European Tour 11,12

22 International Darts Open PDC Live TV

28 European Tour 12 - UK Qual PDC Live TV

29 - 30 Players Championship 19,20 PDC Live TV

Full listing see the PDC website


Darts-UK is dedicated to keeping darts alive. Here you find the latest UK darts information gathered from across the nation. If you are a pub or local league player checkout the dart venues finder. If you are new to the sport then have a look what's on offer to the budding dart enthusiast. Here you will find detail about disability darts and youth dart development.

Although this site is dedicated to UK based darts I have included details of some of tournaments that are also promoted by the BDO and PDC that are played overseas. Full World details can be found on their respective websites and the WDF website.

I have also included a few useful rescore downloads; Dartboard Set-up, Checkout Chart, Tournament Charts, Score Pads and Dart Games. Regional Dartboards: Yorkshire, Manchester, London and Ipswich 5’s also feature. You will find all you need to run your own mini tournament.

This site also contain information about Disability Darts, the board set-up it’s history and useful contact details.

Please enjoy this website and if there is anything you would like to see please contact us.


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Country Information and Event History

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  • Scottish General Information
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