Dartboard variations you probably did not know about

Dartboard Variations

Being one of the most played pub games in England and around the world, it is no great surprise that there have been many different variations of dartboards available to players, each offering its own unique rules and objectives.

While most people have played in your standard regulation board, whether regular or electronic, or have even tried popular variations like London Fives, Yorkshire or Manchester Log End, there are some obscure dartboard variations that are hard to come by, and others that are no longer in production and can only be found in eBay where they are sold to collectors and enthusiasts.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a few dartboard variations that may have fallen out of favor throughout the years, but are nevertheless fantastic games to play if you can find them.

Lincoln and Black Irish Dartboards

The Lincolnshire and Black Irish Dartboards

The Lincoln and the Black Irish Dartboards are not only extremely similar to each other, but also reminiscent of the Yorkshire dartboard, thanks to their all black color and similar design which also features only one double ring and a center Bullseye.

While both boards look practically identical at first sight, there are a few key differences you will notice upon closer inspection. The Black Irish dartboard has a diameter of 13 ¼”, while the Lincoln is slightly larger at 15”, and features a double sized 1/8".

Regardless of the boards difference in size, both boards use the same playing rules, and there is no difference in the standard #01 games at all. However, the setup is different for each board, with the Lincoln being hung with the center bullseye 5’8” to the ground, and the Oche being 7” from the board’s ground level.

Harrows Quadro 240 Dartboard

Harrows Quadro 240 Dartboard

A blast from the past, the very rare Harrows Quadro 240 is remembered fondly by many and is a much sought after item by collectors, mainly thanks to its signature additional ring situated between the treble ring and Bullseye: The Quad Ring. The Quad Ring works exactly as you’d expect, giving players four times the number that they hit and taking the maximum possible throw from 180 to 240, and the maximum possible out from 170 to 210. This of course leads to very high scoring and exciting games, in which huge leads can be developed quickly and huge deficits can be overcome just as fast.

If you feel for playing a regular game of darts, you can also do so in this board by just ignoring the Quad Ring, as the board is regulation size. The only difference you’ll find, however, is that the bullseye is smaller than in a regulation board. However, this will force you to practice your accuracy even more, and is sure to make the regulation board bullseye look huge in comparison next time you are playing in the pub.

Casino Dartboard

Winmau Casino Dartboard

The most versatile dartboard on our list, an initial glance at the casino dartboard will tell you that it is not like any other you’ve ever seen. Instead of featuring a number ring, the numbers are painted on the surface of the board in the form of playing cards used in poker or original casino table games.

Manufactured by Winmau, the casino dartboard is the same size as a standard bristle dartboard, including the size of the scoring areas. However, the only exception is that - thanks to its lack of a number ring - it cannot be rotated to ensure even wear. Therefore, it is not recommended to play cricket, as that will result in the 15s - 20s being quickly worn out.

While this may indeed be a small disadvantage, the casino dartboard does however offer plenty of other games to play on it, which are sure to appeal of fans of popular casino and card games. With 9 different games available for players of varying skills, each containing its own particular sets of rules adjusting to the players proficiency, this board is guaranteed to give you plenty of fun.


Dartboard Variations