Eric Bristow’s Death Opens Up Tale of Gambling and Drinking

Eric Bristow


The death of Eric Bristow, aged only 60, in April sent shockwaves through the world of darts, and the sporting fraternity in general.

In the weeks after his death his heartbroken partner Bex Gadd, 39 has now revealed he left a worrying diary entry hours before his death on April 5 which read: “Thursday waiting for Joe to pick me up. Feel bad. Cold sweats. It feels like my heart is going to explode. Don’t like it. Going to ECHO - the show must go on.”


Drinking, smoking and gambling - but still a hero

Eric Bristow MBEHis partner also said that at the time of his death, he’d been rolling a cigarette. She said in a candid interview with The Mirror: “It was half-rolled on the pavement next to him. He probably got to heaven and thought, ‘I didn’t get to have my fag’.”

Speaking about his drinking she said that he would regularly down fifteen pints of Guinness in a session, but that he could also stop drinking for weeks, which proved that he didn’t really have a problem with alcohol

She also spoke movingly and honestly about his gambling, saying she was shocked to discover exactly how much money he would spend on fixed-odds terminals when the couple started dating.

She says he would think nothing of putting a grand or more into the machines and that it was almost like seeing someone put her weekly wages in the bin, in one go. She commented “But that was just how he was living at the time. He didn’t have anything else to spend his money on.”

She said he promised faithfully he would stop and although he did to an extent he couldn’t go totally without a bet every now and again. Whilst it was obvious he continued to have a regular flutter and was obviously being a lot more responsible, there are many other ways out there to find inexpensive ways to bet online safely.


His final moments

Opening up about their final moments together he’d told her to put the darts on the TV because he’d be home by 8pm that evening.

She said she kissed him goodbye - which was hard knowing that she now knows he’s written in his diary of his feeling unwell. She told him she loved him and went about her day. When she got in at 7pm she put the darts on the TV but her phone rang shortly afterwards with a message from his driver Joe to say that’d he’d collapsed.

She went around to their neighbours to break the news and collapsed in a heap - and then knew the next job she had to do was to ring and tell his children. She says she was glad she got to do it before they’d got to the TV as within minutes of the terrible incident occurring, Sky Sports were reporting it. She says the outpouring of love and affection has helped get her through the last month.


Listed below are some of Eric’s darting achievements

World Championships


1980 Eric Bristow MBE beat Bobby George 5 - 3
1981 Eric Bristow MBE beat John Lowe 5 - 1
1983 Keith Deller beat Eric Bristow MBE 6 - 5
1984 Eric Bristow MBE beat Dave Whitcombe 7 - 1
1985 Eric Bristow MBE beat John Lowe 6 - 2
1986 Eric Bristow MBE beat Dave Whitcombe 6 - 0
1987 John Lowe beat Eric Bristow MBE 6 - 4
1989 Jocky Wilson beat Eric Bristow MBE 6 - 4
1990 Phil Taylor beat Eric Bristow MBE 6 - 1
1991 Dennis Priestley beat Eric Bristow MBE 6 - 0


News of the World - Individual Darts Championship


1982-83  Eric Bristow beat Ralph Flatt 2 - 0
1983-84  Eric Bristow. beat Ian Robertson  2 - 0


Winmau World Masters


1977 Eric Bristow Winmau World Master Champion
1979 Eric Bristow Winmau World Master Champion
1981 Eric Bristow Winmau World Master Champion
1983 Eric Bristow Winmau World Master Champion
1984 Eric Bristow Winmau World Master Champion